Monday, August 9, 2010

Easy No-Sew Checkbook Cover

I'm so happy! We just got wireless internet in the house so now I can update my blog more freely. Before, I was confined to the dining room, but now I can use my laptop upstairs in the playroom/craft room. Hooray!
So onto today's Tutorial Tuesday. I've seen lots of checkbook covers on the various blogs I frequent, and I decided to make one myself. I don't like those boring plastic covers they give you and to buy one is ridiculously expensive, especially when I have scrap fabric laying around. I actually tried a few different methods until I came to one I liked. So here you are!

Supplies needed:
* fabric (about 8 1/2-9"x 12"--it needs to be larger than your plastic cover)
* old plastic checkbook cover (this is optional but I like it because it gives a nice form to the fabric)
* scissors
* liquid stitch

Step 1:
Start by folding the all four edges in about 1/4" and iron. I started with by folding the shorter edges and then the longer edges.

Step 2:
Fold all the edges in again by 1/4" and iron again.

Step 3:
Using a thin line of liquid stitch, seal all the seams down. Make sure not to go overboard or you may have liquid stitch coming out the edges. Press the seam together to make sure the liquid stitch holds.

Step 4:
Place your plastic cover if you have it onto the fabric and center it. Fold down the shorter ends on each side. Adjust the cover and ends until you will be able to place the checkbook into the plastic sleeve. Liquid stitch these flaps in place. Make sure to leave enough wiggle room that you can pull the cover out should you choose. If you aren't using the plastic cover just fold the flaps down to fit your checkbook. Let dry, and you're done! Yay! So easy!


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  1. This is a good reason for me to start using my checkbook again! So cute!



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