Thursday, September 1, 2011

Recycling Old Diaper Boxes

{Before I begin I have to tell you all about a little event that I’m super excited about…ABC Quiet Book Days! Starting next Monday and then every weekday for 3 weeks I will be posting a tutorial a day on putting together a fabulous felt ABC quiet book. It’s seriously awesome. I’m just going to take it one page at a time so I don’t completely overwhelm you. It’s super easy but will turn out really professional looking. So get ready for it!}


My Decoupaged Life

Luckily our days of diaper boxes are behind us…ok well until February. But man I felt like we always had tons of diaper boxes laying around. I never wanted to throw them out because they were such sturdy, good boxes. So I reused, though not always as boxes. Want some ideas on what to do with your boxes? Well check out some of my ideas:

1. Door Signs

013 (3)

I just cut off the top of the boxes for different door signs. I also have a welcome sign and a couple other holidays. Mod podge adheres easily to the boxes so they are great for this use. But who wants to spend tons of money on wood or something when you have these on hand? I don’t think I spent a dime on the sign above because I had all the supplies on hand. I also made a really cute Family Night chart out of the side of a box.

2. Fabric Bolts

diaper box flaps to fabric bolts

Like I’ve mentioned in previous posts, I had to clean out our third bedroom, which meant my craft supplies needed a place to go. We decided on our closet (don’t worry, I’ll have a post telling you all about our awesome organization). Because space was limited we needed to use it wisely. So I cut the flaps off all the boxes (I even had kept flaps from boxes I had already used in other projects) and neatly wrapped my fabric around them. Because most of my fabric was scraps I was able to put multiple prints on one bolt. I love it. I’m able to see all my fabrics without searching and the stay nice and organized. And it was free!

3. Spray Paint Guard

Most of the time I do my spray painting in my garage. And obviously there are things in the garage I don’t want getting painted. So by placing the object in a diaper box (with on side cut so it folds down) I can protect everything else.

4. Organization Boxes

diy organization boxes

In organizing our closet I realized we were going to need boxes. We have these awesome shelves already built in and I discovered that the diaper boxes fit perfectly inside! So I got a bunch of paper (you could probably also use wrapping paper) and mod podged it on to make it a little prettier. Then I stuffed all the crap that had been sitting on the shelves all disorganized-looking into the boxes and my closet was magically transformed. They also make great boxes for storing toys in.

5. Shirt Painting Guard

Cut off the side of a box, slip it between the shirt and voila! You won’t have to worry about paint leaking through. Super easy! I think it’s almost humorous how they sell cardboard t shirt forms for this purpose when a leftover diaper box will serve the same purpose!

So there you have it! Lots of ways to reuse those boxes. What are some ways you reuse diaper boxes? I would love to hear about them in the comments or email me pics!



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