Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Advent Christmas Present Calendar {tutorial}

This year my daughter is finally old enough to actually enjoy advent calendars. I thought about making one with candy, but to be honest I didn’t really want her eating that much candy. So instead of candy (though I will admit there are five pieces of candy in there) my husband and I sat down and thought of different family activities we could do to prepare for Christmas. This year I went with a Christmas present theme.

Supplies Needed:

  • Christmas paper (you’ll need 7 sheets of 12x12 paper, or 6 sheets of 12x12 and 1 8 1/2x11)
  • Box template (I just found my through Google image search. I went for a plain box but you could go all out and do boxes of different sizes, etc.)
  • 25 activities
  • printout of numbers 1-25 (I’ll include mine)
  • Scissors, glue stick, hole punch
  • Tulle or ribbon


advent calendar

Step 1: Print out your template and cut it out. Trace 25 boxes and cut them out. Make sure you’re precise with your cutting so your boxes actually come together like they’re supposed to.


advent calendar

Step 2: Fold the flaps on your boxes. You can score them first if your paper is heavy duty to get nice crisp lines. Glue them bottom and sides so just the top is open.


advent calendar

Step 3: Print out your advent activities. Here are ours:

  1. Candy (I had something going on this night so…)
  2. Write to Santa
  3. Make Christmas cards
  4. Make snowflakes
  5. Watch Elf
  6. Candy
  7. Read a Christmas book
  8. Sing Christmas carols
  9. Watch White Christmas
  10. Visit Santa
  11. Candy
  12. Read a Christmas book
  13. See lights
  14. Make treats
  15. Make cookies
  16. Candy
  17. Candy
  18. Watch a Christmas show
  19. Read a Christmas book
  20. Watch It’s a Wonderful Life
  21. Read Luke 2
  22. Go sledding
  23. Make a snowman
  24. Act out Nativity scene
  25. Open presents!

Here’s a tip: look at your calendar and choose activities that coincide with what you’re already doing. Trust me, this will make life easier for you. I knew what days we wouldn’t be able to do anything so those are the days I chose for candy. I also planned for when we would actually be around snow for the snow-centered activities. I typed mine up and cut them into strips, but you could just print them on strips of paper.


advent calendar

Step 4: Print out the numbers and cut them into circles. If you are awesome and have a circle punch then life will be a whole lot easier than mine where I traced and hand cut 25 circles. Punch a hole in the top for the tulle.


advent calendar

And here’s the numbers I made (I just created them in Picnik):


advent calendar

Step 5: Place a strip of paper in the box (or candy). You could fill with colored strips of paper too. Close the box and tie with tulle. Make sure to tie the coordinating number onto the tulle.


advent calendar

Step 6: Continue with all the boxes. Place them under a small tree (or in my case a tree shaped Christmas card holder), then get ready to open a new little present each day!

advent calendar


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  1. So cute!! Love the use of boxes!!
    Would love for you to share at Show & Share!

    And I have A Special Christmas Soiree going on on Mondays that this would be great at too!

  2. Your boxes turned out darling! I love the paper you used - so cute! Thanks for linking up!

  3. Great take on an advent calendar. :)

  4. Thank you for sharing, I love this idea. I have created a round-up of all my favorite Advent calendars and I have added yours! You can check it out here http://www.thecraftyblogstalker.com/2012/11/25-diy-christmas-advent-calendar.html If you would like me to remove your feature please let me know and I will take it down right away. Oh, and please stop by and grab a feature button and wear it proudly! You deserve it!



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