Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Towel Rack {tutorial}

I’m slowly making over our hall bathroom. We tore down our hideous mallard duck wallpaper (you think I’m kidding…) and painted it a nice beachy blue. Unfortunately the bathroom did not come equipped with towel bars. But that’s ok! I happened to have an old backpack and coat hanger from my childhood (I didn’t need one that said “Brittany” in neon pink anymore). Plus I knew it would work better for my girls’ hooded towels.

Supplies Needed:

  • Coat rack (you could also just get a board and put dowels into it)
  • sponge brush
  • white paint
  • stencil (ignore the chipboard letters and pretend there’s a stencil there instead…I changed my mind after taking the picture)
  • sandpaper

diy beach themed towel rack

Step 1: Sand down your rack. I used a rougher grit at first and then went over it with finer, but I still purposely left some scratch marks from the rough paper to give it a worn look.

diy beach themed towel rack

Step 3: Grab your sponge brush. Get it nice a wet. I mean, you don’t want it dripping, but you don’t want it just slightly moistened either. Dip your wet brush into your white paint and paint the wood. Let the paint dry between coats. Continue painting until you get the look you’re going for. I think I did about four coats. And I originally didn’t paint the dowels, but I decided to go back and sand and paint them as well because I thought it looked better.

diy beach themed towel rack

Step 5: Using a dry sponge brush, stencil the words “towels 50¢” with the white paint. I had to let each letter dry before moving onto the next, so this may take a little while. If you want, you can cut the letters out of contact paper so you can paint them all at once, but I liked the look of my Helvetica stencil.

diy beach themed towel rack

Step 6: Time to hang! If you are hanging this on just drywall, make sure you use some anchors first.  Then screw it into the wall. You want to make sure it will hold the weight of wet towels. Enjoy!

towel rack 2towel rack 1

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